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A little more on Pillows

Sore neck? Aching back? Drool stains? We’ve got the pillow for that. With popular picks from brands like Pello and Nook, our Pillow collection serves snoozers big and small, so you and your baby can enjoy better naps, comfier tummy time, and cleaner, healthier sleeps.

Parents and kiddos alike love the classic Pello pillow for everything from its versatility to its bright and cheerful fabrics. Featuring a “doughnut” design that offers 360-degree support to your littlest family member as they learn to sit up on their own, the Pello makes the perfect floortime companion, and remains popular with toddlers and big kids for those movie night snuggles. Meanwhile, the grown-ups can enjoy Nook’s Pebble Pillows, which feature memory foam filling for ultimate back and neck support, and organic cotton and eucalyptus casing infused with antimicrobial zinc and water resistant ingredients - so you can cradle and feed your little one without worrying about those drool stains!

Our Pillow collection also features natural, organic, and supportive designs from Naturepedic and BedLounge to keep you and your kiddo comfy and irritant-free all night long. For better, healthier sleeps that even your most sensitive and allergy-prone family members can enjoy, browse our Pillow collection.

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