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A little more on Pails

If you’re thinking a laundry basket full of soiled cloth diapers must be pretty smelly, you’re right - that’s why cloth diaper experts rely on the sturdy Diaper Pails and Pail Liners in our collection! Spacious, waterproof, and designed to suppress and contain odors long-term, our Pails and Pail Liners keep cloth diapers out of sight and out of mind until laundry day rolls around.

A favorite for parents with curious toddlers, the Bambino Mio Pail features a child-proof lids that locks closed to keep messes and odors in, and little hands out. The Dekor Pail offers a convenient step-and-drop design for hands-free use, so you can dispose of the mess and move on to fresher diapers in a flash. Eco-friendly Pail Liners from Thirsties, Rumparooz, bumGenius, and more make ideal Pail companions with sealed seams, waterproof materials, and secure closures to keep the biggest and smelliest messes locked away.

All of our Diaper Pails and Pail Liners are extra spacious, with plenty of room for a full load of laundry and then some. Browse our collection of Pails and Pail Liners for the simple, must-have solution to those changing time messes and odors!

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