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Stain Removers

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A little more on Stain removers

Even the messiest bundles of joy are no match for the stain-fighting powers of our favorite Stain Removers! Your little one’s cloth diapers will show no trace of their messes and accidents when you clean them with a little help from FuzziBunz, Grandma’s, and more top brands.

Super strength formulas like FuzziBunz Strip Rx are perfect for attacking harmful, built-up residue from soaps, oils, lotions, and more, while maintaining the strength and softness of your cloth diapers for baby’s comfort. FuzziBunz’ Stain Therapy targets concentrated problem areas where residues and messes hang on tight, eliminating the stain and the odor for a fresher clean. And for those spots and splotches from food, drink, accidents, cremes, art supplies, and anything else toddlers get their hands on, Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover makes stains in all fabrics disappear.

All of our Stain Removers are eco-friendly and non-toxic for the safety of your family and your environment. These natural, biodegradable formulas promise tough scrubbing power that won’t harm your favorite fabrics, whether those are organic hemp cloth diapers, or those special cashmere gloves. Browse our Stain Remover collection for your natural solution to the toughest stains!

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