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Your favorite cloth diaper brands are back with comfy cloth Training Pants to help your toddler level up and conquer the potty! With that big-kid underwear feel and accessible pull-up design, our cloth Training Pants are popular among toddlers in transition, allowing them the freedom of real undies with the support of absorbent, accident-catching materials.

Classics like Bambino Mio’s Training Pants feature an all-in-one design for the most authentic big-kid underwear feel possible. Absorbent layers are sewn into the Bambino Mio Training Pants to soak up accidents discreetly while doing away with the bulkiness of diapers. Kushies and Potty Scotty also employ a streamlined design with the added benefit of a waterproof outer layer for extra protection. And for quick and easy changes after accidents occur, Best Bottom Training Pants come with snap-in/snap-out inserts that catch the mess and keep the Training Pants clean for further use.

Our Training Pants collection even includes adjustable designs like the Flip Potty Trainer Kit, which grows with your tot no matter how long their potty training journey takes. All of our favorite Training Pants are made with the coziest cloth materials perfectly suited to young, sensitive skin. Browse our Training Pants collection for the simplest and comfiest solutions to conquering the potty!

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