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A little more on Prefold Diapers

Made with all-natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, and bamboo, and reinforced with layer upon layer of absorbent protection, Prefold Diapers are the classic and eco-friendly answer to your cloth diapering needs. The perfect Prefold Diaper folds easily around your baby’s bottom for a flexible and snuggly fit that promises ultimate comfort for the most sensitive little ones, so you never have to worry about chafed skin or diaper rash.

Our Prefold Diapers collection includes favorites in all different materials and sizes to suit your little one. Prefolds from Best Bottom come in organic, bleached, unbleached, or Indian cotton varieties to offer your baby the full range of options for their delicate skin. Thirsties promises superior absorbency and natural comfort in their Duo Hemp Prefolds featuring a blend of hemp and organic cotton. And for the most sensitive tots, Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Terry Flats promise the softest and fluffiest diapers around in 4 different sizes to keep baby comfy from birth to potty.

All of our Prefold Diapers can be used with the waterproof diaper cover of your choice for a leak-free fit all day and all night. Make your cloth diapering experience as easy and comfy as possible with a classic Prefold Diaper from our collection!

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