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A little more on Newborn Diapers

Only the most luxurious fabrics are suitable for your newest addition to the family - and with our collection of Newborn Cloth Diapers, you can wrap your little one in luxurious cotton comfort from her very first moments! These Cloth Diapers are specially designed to fit little newborns and preemies, so you never have to waste time or money on scratchy disposable diapers while you wait for baby to grow.

Our collection includes hidden gems from your favorite cloth diaper brands that promise a snug fit and cozy comfort for every little bottom. Modeled after their popular One-Size Diapers, the Rumparooz Lil Joey line features a choice between snap or hook and loop closures, and includes a button-down adjustment in the front to make room for your baby’s umbilical stump. Parents who love the bumGenius 4.0 and Kissaluvs All-in-One diapers will love the Newborn counterparts of these brands, which feature the same all-in-one convenience in miniature.

We also stock a selection of specialty newborn soakers, doublers, and diaper covers to guarantee your little one a dry and comfy bottom all day and all night long. Why wait for baby to grow? Treat your tot to the soothing comfort of soft cottons and flannels from the very start with our Newborn Diaper collection.

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