Fitted Diapers

A little more on Fitted Diapers

If you’ve ever been intimidated by cloth diapers, then our Fitted Diaper collection is for you! Fitted Diapers are designed for simplicity and ease of use, so you can make the switch to cloth without breaking a sweat. Each diaper goes on in one piece and fastens around the waist just like the disposables to which you are accustomed, but with way more cozy comfort and eco-friendly style for you and your little one to enjoy.

Our Fitted Diaper collection includes simple favorites from Bummis and Kushies featuring 100% cotton, simple snap closures, and bonus booster layers for heavy wetters and overnight use. The EcoPosh Recycled Organic Newborn Fitted Diaper boasts an ultra-eco-friendly design for your budding environmentalist, plus 2 built-in layers of absorbent materials that are sewn down on one side and can be flipped out after washing to speed up drying time. And for fans of truly classic design, Sustainablebabyish offers Snapless Fitted Diapers that can be fastened with a safety pin for the perfect custom fit.

All of our Fitted Diapers are made with the softest and coziest (and most absorbent) cotton, organic cotton, fleece, bamboo, and more materials for your little one’s ultimate comfort. You can also pair these Fitted Diapers with the Diaper Cover of your choice for extra protection during overnight use. Browse our Fitted Diaper collection for the easiest, simplest, and comfiest solution to your cloth diapering needs!

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