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Wool Care

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A little more on Wool Care

No wool diapering system is complete without a healthy supply of lanolin! Wool’s inherently soft and water resistant properties depend on the lanolin that sheep make naturally. To keep your wool diapers, covers, sleep sacks, clothing, and more comfy and strong, you’ll need to clean and soak them in a lanolin bath made from one of our Wool Care products.

In our Wool Care collection, you’ll find plenty of pure, pharmaceutical-grade lanolin and emulsifiers to make your cleaning and soaking fast and easy. A favorite among wool fans is the Sloomb Cube, which combines lanolin with organic glycerin soap for all-in-one cleaning and lanolizing. Wool diapers that in need of a little boost in their wet zones will benefit from an extra dab of pure lanolin in their bath, available in all-natural and fragrance-free formulas from Sheepish Grins and Sustainablebabyish.

You can even use your pure lanolin as a moisturizer to heal chafed, cracked, and dry skin, making it a perfect accessory for breastfeeding moms. Treat your favorite wools - including those cozy sweaters and socks - to the perfect lanolizing bath with our top of the line Wool Care collection.

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