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Wet Bags

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A little more on Wet Bags

Whether you’re hitting the beach for a day of sun and fun, or scrambling around at home just trying to keep up with your busy life, the fabled Wet Bag is a must-have accessory. Available in all sizes and styles to suit your needs, our favorite waterproof Wet Bags keep those soiled cloth diapers sealed away so you never have to smell them between changing time and laundry day.

Compact designs from bumGenius and Thirsties make the perfect on-the-go companion for day trips and long car rides, tucking away easily in your diaper bag. Rumparooz promises easy access and an extra spacious design in their hangable Wet Bag, which features an exclusive half-moon shape to make extra room for up to 15 diapers. And for fans of true luxury, Planet Wise Wet Bags come in a full range of big and small sizes, and feature stain resistant and antimicrobial materials inside to keep everything as clean as possible.

All of our Wet Bags are waterproof and sealed at the seams for a guaranteed leak-free solution to soiled cloth diapers, so you never have to worry about messes seeping out onto your other supplies. Browse our collection for the perfect at home or on-the-go Wet Bag for all of your family’s adventures!

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