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Popular in Cloth Diaper Accessories

A little more on Liners

No matter how much you scrub, sometimes those diaper stains are stubborn - that’s why we like to protect baby’s snuggly cloth diapers with the perfect Diaper Liners! Our Diaper Liner collection features both flushable and washable Liners that keep solids, ointments, cremes, and more out of those luxurious diaper fabrics, so you never have to scrub again.

Busy parents will love the convenience of our flushable Diaper Liners, which make cloth diaper care a breeze by allowing you to flush away the bulk of the mess. Flushable Liners from Bambino Mio, Imse Vimse, and Bummis are made with biodegradable materials that are gentle on sensitive skin, and easy on your plumbing. For fans of the reusable option, our Washable Liners from Kushies and Kanga Care feature soft and snuggly materials that can actually improve the overall absorbency in your cloth diapers.

All of our Diaper Liners are eco-friendly, so your little environmentalist can be sure they are sporting a green product. Don’t worry about lathering on those soothing cremes and ointments or cleaning up those extra big messes at changing time - just pop in one of our favorite Diaper Liners for protection and keep those cloth diapers going strong!

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