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Diaper Pins/Fasteners

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A little more on Diaper Pins/Fasteners

Simple, effective, and utterly charming in their classic aesthetic, prefold and flat cloth diapers are a go-to favorite for many parents and tots - which means diaper pins are an absolute must-have! Our collection of diaper pins and fasteners are baby-friendly and extra secure, so curious little hands won’t be able to pull apart their diaper, and little bottoms can stay protected all day long.

Fans of the retro look can choose the classic diaper or safety pin for a reliable standby that won’t poke or otherwise harm little hands, and will keep baby’s diaper snug and comfy. For busy parents that like a touch of modern convenience, the popular Snappi fastener features a simple T-shape that grips the fabric of baby’s diaper tight, and stretches to allow for a little bit of flexibility in the fit. Snappis are also available in both baby and toddler sizes to keep those little bottoms safe and sound for as long as you need.

All of our favorite diaper pins and fasteners are designed with your little one in mind, so you can count on superior safety and comfort for baby. Browse our Diaper Pins and Snappis collection for the perfect fasteners to top off that classic and comfy cloth diaper look!

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