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A little more on Wipes

Nothing complements the perfect cloth diapers better than the perfect cloth wipes! Made with the same cozy cottons, flannels, hemps, and more that you find in your little one’s cloth diapers, our collections of cloth wipes and biodegradable wipes offer the gentlest scrubs for comfy cleaning at changing time.

Soft and snuggly flannel favorites from OsoCozy and bumGenius caress sensitive skin and remove messes without leaving any irritations behind. Babykicks’ Hemparoo Washies feature double-sided cleaning power, with soft hemp fleece on one side for easy wiping, and organic cotton on the other for those tough scrubs. And for eco-friendly busy bees looking to save time with a disposable option, Bambino Mio’s biodegradable Miowipes feature soft cotton fibers and natural cleaning ingredients that won’t irritate baby’s skin, and are compost-friendly after use.

All of our reusable cloth wipes are machine washable for quick and easy cleaning, so you’ll always have a fresh wipe ready to go at changing time. Browse our Wipes collection for the perfect wipes to keep your baby’s bottom clean, comfy, and irritation-free!

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