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That special stuffed animal is more than just a cute playmate– it’s a friend that will make her feel safe and secure, no matter what. We’ve chosen a selection of plush toys with something for everyone, from your toddler to your teenager.

These stuffed animals are made with high-quality materials, so they’ll last no matter how much they’re snuggled. Little Giraffe’s signature Luxe fabric is soft, soothing and perfect for your new little bundle. Sigikids’ sweeties are soft, organic and…well….sweet, and their funny beasts have silly faces and stories that will even make your teenager smile. And for a special friend with a whole lot of history, choose Steiff: they’ve been making soft, lovable stuffed animals since 1880.

We’re pretty sure your child’s new best friend is hanging out in our collection of plush toys. Once you’ve found it: we suggest getting two, just in case!

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