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A little more on Nursing

Nursing is a beautiful thing, but most moms need a little help at some point along the way. Our favorite accessories from Kushies, Planet Wise, Fuzzibunz and Natural Curve give you the support you need to feed your little cutie in comfort.

Every mom has her own personal style, and we’ve hand-picked products to meet your unique nursing needs. Having trouble getting all those feeding positions just right? Natural Curve’s nursing pillow will support you and your baby (and can absorb a few frustrated mommy left hooks if needed). More worried about leaking during your sales presentation? Fuzzibunz nursing pads will absorb and stay put until the applause dies down. Looking for a little privacy, even while you’re out in public? Planetwise has got you covered with stylish nursing covers in pretty patterns.

We hope these accessories will help make every feeding a happy one. And while it may seem like each one lasts forever, before you know it you’ll be holding back the tears while you say goodbye to nursing and pass your gear (and some wise advice) on to the next mom in line.

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