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A little more on Prep

It is a universally acknowledged truth that nothing beats a good homemade meal - so why not share your scrumptious culinary creations with your tot? Our collection of baby food Prep products turns your fruits, veggies, meats, and more into the perfect purees for newborns and toddlers alike, so your little one can enjoy your signature dishes with the rest of the family.

Parent favorites like the BEABA Babycook are staples in the baby food prep circle, combining steam cooking and pureeing in one fast and easy-to-use machine. With a 4.7 cup capacity per mixing bowl, the BEABA makes several days worth of meals for your little one in minutes, so even the busiest parents can provide their tots with fresh and healthy foods. For quick pureeing, Oxo Tot’s Mash Maker Food Mill is a must-have, offering an easy way to soften your favorite family dinners so baby can enjoy them too.

Our Prep collection even includes Plus models of our favorite products to streamline your cooking process, so you can satisfy two little tummies at once, or prepare dinner and dessert at the same time. Browse our Prep collection for quick and easy solutions to baby food prep that promise the freshest and healthiest little meals possible.

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