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Swim & Sunwear

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A little more on Swim & Sunwear

You want to spend sunny days outdoors, but you don’t want to worry about sunburns or stitches while your little one cools off in the pool.  Our collection of swim and sunwear from Bummis, Kushies, and Planet Wise will keep her safe from scrapes and the wrong kind of rays all day.

Our swim and sunwear line protects no matter how hot it gets.  Kushies pool shoes will keep those tender toes safe from hot sand, scratchy pool bottoms, or slippery river rocks.  More worried about sunburns on that sensitive skin?  Flop on Bummis sun cap to keep that little nose in the shade no matter where she wanders.  Want protection that covers a little more ground?  The UV shirt from Planet Wise provides a sunburn shield that goes on in seconds.

We’ve hand-picked products that make summertime safety a whole lot easier.  So go ahead, set up the umbrella, stick your toes in the sand and stay awhile.

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