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Clean Up

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A little more on Clean Up

Young, delicate skin needs lots of healing love and care with bathtime and changing time scrubs. Our Clean Up collection features our favorite all-natural soaps and sprays that promise thorough scrubs with plenty of moisturizing ingredients to keep baby’s skin happy, healthy, and irritation-free.

Eco-friendly all-stars like bumGenius’ Bottom Cleaner 2.0 and Thirsties Booty Luster make great wipe solutions for a quick changing time clean up. Pair these natural sprays with your favorite cloth wipes for an ultra-caressing scrub that will leave baby’s bottom sparkling clean! For more thorough bathtime cleaning, CJ’s BUTTer offers their famous Carcass Cleaner, so named for its preternatural ability to eliminate the toughest dirt and messes with the gentlest scrubs. Carcass Cleaner is also versatile, making the perfect hand wash, face wash, body wash, and wipe solution all in one.

Our Clean Up collection also includes Sheepish Grins’ all-natural Washy Wafers wipe solution mix for those that like a little DIY fun with an extra-soothing result for the most sensitive skin. All of our favorite soaps and sprays feature natural, eco-friendly oils and cleaners, promising a thorough and moisturizing scrub that is free of harsh additives and artificial fragrances.

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