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Bath Accessories

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A little more on Bath Accessories

Whether your little one loves the tub, or finds bathtime a little stressful, our favorite Bath Accessories promise fun, safety, and comfort to calm baby while you scrub. With the perfect towels, slip protection, newborn support, and more, bathtime will always be a breeze for parents and tots alike.

For a touch of color and character, grab a set of Kushies Shower Curtain Hooks and a matching Shower Curtain featuring cheerful jungle animals that are sure to delight little minds. Kushies’ Anti-Slip Bath Appliques, which feature monkeys, elephants, and giraffes, add a little extra safety to your tub for babies and toddlers who are learning to stand and walk. For those newborns that need some tub support, we’ve included the Skiphop Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Bath Tub in our collection, offering an adjustable seat to keep your baby comfy while your clean them up.

Our Bath Accessories collection also includes the fluffiest, coziest towels and washcloths from Little Giraffe to make bathtime comfy from start to finish. For the best in bathtime fun and safety, browse our Bath Accessories collection!

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