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Carrier Accessories

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A little more on Carrier Accessories

Your baby doesn’t want to leave your side, and though she is your first priority, she’s not your only one. If it wasn’t for your carrier, you might never get a chance to finish that overdue work assignment, cook dinner, or even just get your teeth brushed.

But the experts at Tula, Onya, ERGObaby and Baby Bjorn are always thinking of new ways to make their products better, and that shows in every one of these thoughtful carrier accessories. Have a little bitty who’s still developing his neck strength? ERGObaby’s infant insert will help hold up his head. Tiny teeth making your little one miserable? Onya’s Baby Chewie Teething Pads attach right to your carrier for some sweetie relief. Got a little drooler? Snap Baby Bjorn’s waterproof, terrycloth bib insert right in to soak up the drizzle and keep rashes away.

We’ve carefully chosen these accessories from Tula, Onya, ERGObaby and Baby Bjorn because we know they’ll make your life a whole lot easier. So carry on, Mama’s and Papa’s, and know that we’re right there beside you, every step of the way.

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