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A little more on Activity

Give baby a glimpse of the big wide world right from your living room with Skiphop, Pello, Nuna and Babyhome’s activity centers and bouncers. We’ve hand- picked smart toys that are designed to stimulate baby’s growing brain, encourage sensory play, and keep them happy when you need to focus on other, less adorable things.

Your baby loves to play with you, but as she grows she needs a little more stimulation (no offense peekaboo). Enter: Skip Hop's Amazing Arch Activity Gym. It truly is amazing (think sound effects, music, dancing animals and two dozen sensory activities), and will keep baby entertained long enough for you to return that call from your boss. After all that Skip Hop stimulation, she’ll need some down time, so let her rest on Pello’s soft cozy floor pillow (it’s also great for tummy time). Time for sleep? Get a little help from your friends at Nuna with a Leaf series rocking bouncer. And if she’s not quite ready for her nap but you’re not quite done with your book, attach the toy bar and give her something to reach for.

These activity centers and bouncers give your baby hours of entertainment and brain development, so you can put her down without the guilt. And here’s a Birch Baby expert tip: bouncers can be transported into any room in the house, so go ahead and take a shower that’s longer than three minutes.

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